Enjoy the black truffle season

Enjoy the black truffle season

Enjoy the black truffle season

The black truffle season has started : the truffle is  available  on any A la carte options . This Tuber Melanosporum black truffle is harvested in the Drôme region from mid-December to mid-March.

The path of the truffle is a real journey of the senses appealing to all five senses:
The smell:  unearthed by dogs sniffing, the irresistible scent
The hearing:  the sounds of rummaging through the sleepy woods
The sight:  a buried treasure filled with mystery
The touch:  minutious cleaning and grading of the fresh truffles. A small nick reveals a marbled black and white flesh.
The taste:  penetrating, earthy, intensifying

The truffle is weighed and shaved in front of you, to sublime the flavours of your chosen dish.

Xavier Boireau, Chef of the restaurant suggests: Our truffled saucisson brioche - 24 €

The black truffle is also available in our Parisian restaurants -  More informations

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